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Discover the potential of fixed term deposits with Maryana Capital Inc. Secure competitive rates and see your investments flourish. Ready to get started?


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With just over seven years in the industry, our experienced team at Maryana Capital Inc. offers exceptional expertise. Trust in our guidance, backed by years of dedicated financial experience.

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Maryana Capital Inc.: Vanguard of Financial Proficiency

At Maryana Capital Inc., we are not just a financial entity. We embody devotion, expertise, and dedication to our clients. Discover what sets us apart:

Staying at the forefront of Canadian financial trends, Maryana Capital Inc. consistently adapts to provide top-tier investment options.

Join us and experience the Maryana Capital advantage.

Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Services

We offer a spectrum of financial services tailored to meet your unique goals. From investment advice to portfolio management, experience bespoke solutions that drive results.

Stock Market Investments

Dive into the dynamic world of equities with our strategic approaches, designed to optimize returns and minimize risks.

Investment Advisory Services

Benefit from tailored advice rooted in years of expertise, ensuring your financial decisions are informed and strategic.

Securities and Fixed Income Products

Explore reliable investment avenues with our range of securities, offering stability amidst financial market volatilities.

Investment Portfolio Management

Trust in our comprehensive management strategies that balance growth potential with individual risk tolerances.

Portfolio Lending

Unlock the power of your assets with flexible lending options, catering to your immediate financial requirements.


Secure your retirement future with our superannuation solutions, ensuring you enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned labor.

We Are Open For Opportunities!

At Maryana Capital Inc., we consistently pursue new frontiers. Embracing change and innovation, we remain open to opportunities that foster growth and provide value to our clients.

Why Choose Us

We Keep Your Business Safe & Ensure High Availability

Exploring the vast landscape of the financial world can be intimidating. At Maryana Capital Inc., we deeply understand this and are committed to easing the journey for our clients. Here’s why choosing to partner with us is a decision that endures through time.


We Help To Create Visual Strategies

In the ever-changing realm of finance, clarity is essential. Maryana Capital Inc. illuminates your financial strategies with vivid visual representations. We excel in distilling complex data, making it accessible and comprehensible. With our visual approaches, your financial roadmap becomes clear, actionable, and simple to follow.


We Help you grow your Portfolio

Investing is both an art and a science. At Maryana Capital Inc., we merge market insight with analytical expertise to enhance your investments. Our skill is dedicated to ensuring your portfolio not only expands but also aligns with your financial goals. Together, we transform your investment dreams into thriving realities.


Maryana Capital Insights: Weekly Market Pulse

Dive into the core of the financial world with our concise weekly updates from Maryana Capital Inc., bringing you the most crucial market trends and forecasts.

Empowering Your Financial Journey with Maryana Capital Inc.

At Maryana Capital Inc., we provide clear guidance, confidence, and a trusted partnership.

We Help You to Grow Your Portfolio Exponencially

In the intricate maze of financial decisions, having a knowledgeable guide can make all the difference. At Maryana Capital Inc., our advisors come with years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the market’s nuances.