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Investment Portfolio Management

What we offer

What we offer

Investment Portfolio Management

Maryana Capital Inc. simplifies investment management for Canadian investors with our Investment Portfolio Management Service (IPMS).

Customised Investment Advice

At Maryana Capital Inc., your personal advisor partners with you to understand your financial landscape and investment goals, providing tailored advice across a broad spectrum of Canadian and international assets.

Diverse Investment Administration

Maryana Capital Inc. expertly administers a broad array of investments, from domestic and international equities to managed funds, bonds, and personal investment assets.

Effortless and Convenient Service

We streamline your investment process, managing all necessary paperwork, coordinating with registries, and reconciling your returns, allowing you to focus on your investment goals.

Unified Portfolio Oversight

Consolidate your portfolio management with Maryana Capital Inc. for a centralized point of contact, ensuring a holistic view of your investments and informed decision-making.

Detailed Reporting and Online Access

Receive detailed quarterly reports and secure online access to monitor your investment activities, with comprehensive year-end summaries for straightforward tax reporting.

Investor Empowerment and Control

Maintain full control and enjoy beneficial ownership with our portfolio management service, ensuring that you are empowered in your investment decisions at all times.

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Our Investment Administration Team can streamline the administrative aspects of managing your investments. For more details about our services, call +1 437-886-2640 or request a callback.